12 Meter Drop Test Structure
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12 Meter Drop Test Structure

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with his sword, rushed forward and leaped at me with all his strength, as if he meant to destroy me. But the point of his sword barely grazed my skin and drew only consists of two towers, a pair of anchor blocks, a pair of main support cables, and an impact pad. The towers are 75 ft in height and are spaced 50 ft apart. Each tower consists of a 56,000 pound reinforced concrete foundation a lower structural unit consisting of a vertical 35 foot long I-beam with an attached 20 foot long I-beam reinforcing leg and an upper structural unit consisting of a vertical 55 foot long I-beam capped with a sheave block assembly. The impact pad consists of eight 4 inch thick rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) steel plates arranged to form a nearly uniform (within 0.25 inch) 24 foot by 24 foot area. Each plate is 6 feet wide by 12 feet long and weighs 12,000 pounds. The steel plates are supported by 18 inches of crusher fines that were roller compacted in 4 to 6 inch lifts. Compacted crusher fines finish off the perimeter of the test pad. This material is level with the top of the impact plates and extends outward an additional 8 feet on all sides of the impact plates.

a tiny drop of blood. I felt no pain whatsoever, but I did have the impression of awakening to something for which until then I had been ill endowed and ill prepared, and I felt filled with a light which I had never before possessed. It was a few days later that one morning at dawn I entered into relation with the priests of Tutuguri and two days after that that I finally made contact with

Ciguri. "To sew you back together in your wholeness, without