Hip Hop was born in the South Bronx. Bronx Rhymes uncovers the history of Hip Hop in the borough by tagging historically important locations with rhymes. These rhymes illuminate the significance of the locations, and issue a rhyming challenge.

Posters appear at each location and invite viewers to respond with their own rhymes via text message. This website is an evolving archive of the collected rhymes, a reflection of the community, and a way to reinsert the hip hop past into present-day South Bronx.

We'd love any and all contributions - locations, rhymes, your time. If you want to get involved, or have any questions, email us at: bxrhymes@gmail.com

Check out the flickr set of posters!

We want to thank New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for making this project possible. We couldn't have accomplished it without the help of Chris Delia, Josh Hochman, Lee Walling, Adam Jesberger, Brett Hill and Steve Caputo.