1 year performance video (aka samHsiehUpdate)

What happens after 1 year?

Once the piece is viewed for one year, you the viewer are eligible to receive a unique collection of “art data” contained in 2 separate XML documents. At this point you the viewer becomes you the collector. (Please read the small text for more info.)

The data will look similar to this:

<video url="vid/twhid/anytime/exercise/twhid_exercise03.flv"/>
<video url="vid/twhid/anytime/bed_stare/twhid_bedstare01.flv"/>
<video url="vid/twhid/2afternoon/lunch/twhid_lunch02.flv"/>
<video url="vid/twhid/anytime/randomfill/twhid_randomfill03.flv"/>

Except that instead of 5 lines, each file will contain approximately 214,620 lines (17MB) representing one year's worth of information used to create the art work.

Each set of art data will be unique. The number of sets created is variable depending on how many collectors there are. We don't foresee a large amount of collectors. Each set will be numbered.

Becoming a collector

You create an account in our database by entering your email address on the homepage of this web site. You must be able to receive and send email from the login account in order to become a collector. Your current viewing time is displayed below the 1 year performance video.

Once you reach 31,536,000 seconds you become a collector. Email (using the email address associated with your account on this web site) and we'll provide you with a password to access a special section of the web site. Once you log into this section you will be able to download your art data.

Small Text:
This unique art data is a companion piece to the on-line work 1 year performance video. Receiving this companion work does not imply any ownership of the on-line work.

Your time must be associated with your email in our database to be eligible to receive the art data.