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Savic Rašovic [a.k.a Pirun a.ka. Sasha a.k.a Member of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things] was invited to represent Upgrade! Boston at the 3rd Upgrade! International: Chain Reaction, Skopje, Macedonia; September 11-14, 2008. There, he will perform How Do You Take Your Coffee?/Kakvu piješ kafu?, a public action in Skopje's Old Bazaar. Sasha will talk about his work and report on the gathering.

About How Do You Take Your Coffee?/Kakvu piješ kafu?

I am originally from Podgorica, Montenegro... I moved to the US in the 90s of course, escaping an army draft, and other things... my home is literally now a parking lot, a gas station and a street light... although aware of the flow of life, going "home" became a totally different experience... construction lobby is strong, personal histories lost, old is set aside, new is always better... What are the effects of these major changes on the culture of the city and its inhabitants? What personal stories and connections to various city sites are lost? What new histories are constructed? How Do You Take Your Coffee?/Kakvu piješ kafu? Join us for the first in the series of events in the Balkan cities centered on social kafenisanje (coffee time) at a specific location in Skopje, Macedonia. Enjoy a free, freshly brewed coffee to suit your personal taste, and join the conversation about the location and its histories, memories, past or present issues and stories that might be disguised, transformed and erased by the development: under the asphalt -a garden, under the street light -a rebellion, next to the pedestrian crossing -a brook, an old neighbourhood now a new neighbourhood. The kafenisanje events series will be published as a multilingual "coffee table book" guide to the specific urban locations and the conversations surrounding them.

Savic Rašovic ... born in Titograd, Yugoslavia; now from Podgorica, Montenegro… lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA... entrepreneur, new media artist, performer, curator, publisher, designer, programmer, political activist… 1995-2000 Montenegro.com and MNNews editor and antifascist propagandist… co-founder of iKatun, an artist-run organization whose mission is to foster public engagement in the politics of information… member of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things troupe that uses research and performance to investigate social and political everyday "tiny things" in order to transform public spaces dominated by corporate and political agendas…

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