jackbackrack is an artist and research scientist at the MIT AI Lab. His research is on robotics, sensor networks, programming languages, and new art making platforms. He studied cognitive science, computer science, and visual arts receiving a B.S. degree from UCSD and M.S. and PhD. degrees from U. Mass Amherst. His thesis was on the topic of Learning Motor Control using neural networks. He then did post docs at Stanford and Berkeley pursuing further topics in neural modeling. From there he took a research post at IRCAM in Paris studying and developing software for electronic music. He runs an art technology group, called the Collision Collective, and curates art technology shows, called Collisions, along with Dan Paluska and Brian Knep. More recently his video work has been shown at the 2004 Montreal Festival du Nouvelle Cinema. In general, his work explores the intersection of sensory motor modalities and the challenges and mysteries of motor control, perception and representation.