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Multi-media artist Joseph Farbrook grew up in Philadelphia and New York City. His father was a concrete poet and his mother a realist painter. Becoming focused on performance and narrative, Farbrook attended the University of Colorado where he wrote electronic music, poetry, and fiction. Becoming interested in a more immersive approach to narrative, he began using computers and the Internet as creative media. Graduating with a degree in creative writing, he was subsequently discovered by the art department and offered a scholarship to pursue an MFA in digital art. Working in a visual arts environment, Farbrook began creating electronic installations, interactive video, and virtual reality narratives. His work also includes media-reflexive live performances with interactive video projections. Farbrook's latest work is in the emerging field of Machinima (machine animated cinema) where he shoots movies from within his custom-made 3D environments.

Farbrook exhibits both nationally and internationally. Recent venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, La Fabrica Arte Contemporaneo in Guatemala, The International Center of Bethlehem in Palestine, as well as venues in Mexico, Chile, Korea, and the USA. Farbrook is presently an assistant professor of interactive media and game development at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Joseph Farbrook