On Lionel Kearns

On Lionel Kearns is a binary meditation in Shockwave on the work of Vancouver poet Lionel Kearns. Kearns is one of few poets who has been thinking about digital poetics and the synthesis implied by electronic media since the sixties. On Lionel Kearns is a tribute to Kearns's polyartistic synthesis of arts, media, language and the binary, and extends his experimental poetics into software art. All texts by Lionel Kearns except where noted.

by Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews is a poet/programmer/audio guy/critic. He has been publishing vispo.com since 1995. Recent work includes: Digital Writing Circa 2004, written for a talk in England; Paris Connection, a project in critical media on six Parisian artists; Arteroids, a literary game for the Web; and Nio, interactive audio/visual music.

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