March 1996

Supported by Jerome Foundation

An original vocal composition that be accessed on three levels — musical, graphic, interactive. The musical component will be an audio version of a short piece performed vocally by the artist; the graphics, an on-screen collage of the words that comprise the lyrics of the piece, and interaction, a chance for the user to “compose” her/his own version of the piece by clicking sequentially, in any order, on any words of the lyrics collage.


Interactive | Sound | Voice | Web Art


Needs Shockwave. Turn speakers on or listen with headphones. When the clip has finished (or at any time), proceed further into the piece by clicking on the large X. You can construct your own version of Vocabulary from fragments of the artist’s audio. You will be able to play individual lyric lines in any sequence by rolling your mouse over the corresponding visual elements on your screen. The file is 684k.