September 1999

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

Theatralis explores theatre for the web. Traditionally, theatre is defined as a live, text-based performance narrative, experienced by a collective audience. Theatralis explores the paradigmatic shift of the performative, narrative, technological, and interactive experience through the individual, mediated web interface.

In “A Novel of Thank You,” Gertrude Stein explores the process of making a novel. As a documentation of the process of thinking, the content is rich in repetition. On the surface it appears random and nonsensical, although it is carefully edited. As it is about the aural and visual patterns of thought the reader becomes an actor.

Theatralis explores the process of experiencing how random and nonsensical content generates thought processes that can always construct a seeming narrative. Humans search for meaning, comprehend through stories. On the net we are creating our collective meaning from our individual stories.

what can it mean
there is a mean
to be meant


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