A Media Destruction Agent

September 1996

Supported by Jerome Foundation

Snuff is a web-based media-destruction agent. Its purpose is to sniff out, retrieve and collate “competing” media on the Web, and visibly and perceptibly filter text, graphic and audio content, leaving its remains on the snuff site. Snuff took requests from users. By culling text and graphics from an external site and providing a sandbox in which users could manipulate, destroy and rearrange these elements, Snuff implemented an initial stab (prototype) at what would now be called a “mashup.” Horowitz wrote a number of Java classes to facilitate playback of sounds on rollover, importing of graphics and motion graphics, etc.

“Just accomplishing the trivial task of playing a sound when you roll over a graphic was exciting to us – not because it was so hard, but more because it hadn’t been done before this, and now that Java was becoming widely used, finally this could be distributed.” Harris Skibell


Snuff is a Java applet; you need a Java-capable browser.