September 2005

Signalglyph is an interdisciplinary web art project that challenges the mathematical foundations of modern science, and discusses the visualization of language. While the context is fictional, the alternative mathematical ideas are genuine and the measurements of the Great Pyramid and the meaning of the Egyptian hieroglyph, etc. are factual. The prevalent attitude in modern science is that it has nothing to learn from the field of artistic expression. But at the heart of every field of creative endeavor is the continual re-examination of accepted beliefs.

Science must recognize that “proof” is not “truth” otherwise its revelations will be forever bound-up in a narrowly defined form of human thought, rather than revealing the true physical foundations of the Universe.


Signalglyph is a Sci-Fi Net Art Project which uses ancient mathematical and philosophical concepts to challenge the foundations of modern mathematically-based science. The Signalglyph Project Report can be viewed at: In the Report, all mathematical information is accurate; and the historical references are genuine–only the report’s context is fictional. The Signalglyph Project Report was originally presented on and North American Center for Interdisciplinary Poetics. –