(Re)Writing: Writers, Computers, and Networks II

April 2005

Supported by LEF Foundation

Presented by Turbulence.org, Upgrade! Boston, and the Electronic Literature Organization at the Boston Public Library during the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Within the digital arts there are also letters: works by writers who explore the possibilities of texts controlled by computational processes, or who write in ways that take the network as a medium (rather than a distribution mechanism). Net art includes text-, image-, and sound-based works; many e-literature works include images (moving and still) and sound. In both strains are the recurring themes of interactivity, participation, process, potential, and chance, as well as a questioning of the definitions of artist/writer, audience/reader, and the art object.

In this reading, Turbulence.org and the Electronic Literature Organization celebrate their commonalities by presenting four writers reading from network-enabled work: Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort will read from their recent Turbulence commissions; “Two Textual Instruments: Regime Change and News Reader,” and “Mystery House Taken Over.” Thalia Field will read “Zoologic,” and also give a short preview of “Rest/Less.” John Cayley will perform from “Translation” and related pieces. A discussion will follow.