Recollecting Adams

December 2008

Supported by Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Recollecting Adams is a 15-part web-based animation series.

The people of Adams, Massachusetts are gifted storytellers. We learned that in our first few weeks here. When they enter the gallery, they tell us about how they bought gloves when the storefront was Pociask’s Dress Shop, or how they took guitar and accordion lessons when it was La Flemme’s Music Store. And this is just inside the building. When we’re standing outside, we hear tales of Summer Street and the town. People in Adams really know its history and love sharing it. They weave their personal family stories into a rich history of immigration, the mills, the church and more, across several generations.” – Marianne R. Petit

“Recollecting Adams” is part of “Networked Realities: (Re)Connecting the Adamses” – a collaboration between Greylock Arts, and MCLA Gallery51 – which includes four commissioned works housed in the Department of Public Works at

The Electronic Literature Lab could not preserve this Flash work with Ruffle or Conifer in July 2021. We plan to pursue other methods in the future.



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