A World of Awe Project

January 2003

Supported by Jerome Foundation

Portal is an interactive net.dance in three parts that follows a traveler passing from the physical world to a virtual world called the Sunset/Sunrise. The work touches on the spatial and aesthetic relationship between virtual and physical spaces, as well as the relationship between user and digital content. Cinematic and kinetic, the traveler uses dance as the main mode of communication and means to travel between worlds. This ambiguity between the real and unreal is reflected in the content: analog footage is mixed with digital resolutions as the figure moves from a New York City street to a digitally created desert landscape. Traditional dance film techniques, as seen in kinesthetic editing and image creation, are combined with interactivity and screen design.

This Flash work has been emulated with Conifer by the Electronic Literature Lab in July 2021. To view this emulation
click here.



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