Not Walls

April 1996

An interactive gallery structure where horizontal and vertical surfaces within the space receive installations of images and text. Images in this site are a kind of mapping analog for directories in built space: eg, you are here. Unframed still images are site navigable. Framed images take one elsewhere, to other sites. 3d constructions are object navigable. Small right arrows lead one through the site. Left arrows direct your return through the site or back to Turbulence.

Each assembly space has at least two means of egress… An open window — the frame defines an architecture of navigation. The function of the frame in painting is to limit the space, and therefore the influence, of the painted sphere. It separates the viewer from the viewed. When you encounter framed still images in this site, selecting the image inside the frame will take you to outside sites with 3d components.

Navigation via unframed images defines a linear path through the site. The 3d constructions herein are navigable within their assigned space to the page. — click, drag, use the toolbar; the “=” key and the “-” key affect zoom. . .the “shift” key affects response time… have fun. In their ideal form these structures are simultaneously navigable and “interactive” on site, where one can redetermine their surfaces and forms inline as a graffiti writer might alter an urban wall or a bender might alter a sheet of steel. Soon, maybe.


This piece no longer functions because the original software is obsolete. Browse the archive.