Artist Studio

Nicolas Clauss

September 2003

Nicolas Clauss is a prolific, multifaceted artist whose diverse interests range from intimate portraits to social and political commentary. Many of his works are interdisciplinary collaborations. Clauss’ works conjure terms like “painterly,” “gestural,” and “mark-making,” words that are likely to be unfamiliar to many net.artists.

Hew wrote: “My work on computer is a recent story starting 4 years ago. It is the story of someone working on paintings made out of texture and found objects or photographs who felt, after 12 years of painting, that he needed more to express himself. Computer technology brought me the chance to go further in my work and to make some digital interactive paintings (tableaux interactifs in French) dealing with videos, sounds, user’s gesture, time and narratives. What I’m seeking in Art is a way to express or feel a depth going beyond words and concepts, a depth into ourselves, a deeper layer which link human beings across space and time. I try to express something close to what I can feel in many places like traditional Korean music, diaphonic (throat) singing, a bow on a cello string in a free jazz concert, a rotten wall in a street, founds objects, a child laugh, an old person face or any evidence of (the struggle of) life.”


Flash, Shockwave.


Better than Santa Claus
by Helen Varley Jamieson
Net Art News, is currently showcasing recent work by French artist Nicolas Clauss, the creator of the bilingual art site In eight interactive web pieces made over the last 18 months, Clauss has further developed his signature whimsical style. Subtle interactive components enhance a collage of audio fragments and dream-like images, resulting in mesmerising performative etudes. Influenced by contemporary dance as well as his original medium, painting, Clauss aims to express a depth of feeling beyond genres, words and concepts. The works cover a range of themes, from the esoteric to the humorous (run your mouse over the portraits beside the artist’s bio for a smile). In fact, run your mouse over all of Clauss’ work and you’ll find gifts to rival what the other Claus might have left under the Christmas tree.