Memorial Project for Jobbers’ Canyon

Built with ConAgra Products

June 2012

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

Memorial Project for Jobbers’ Canyon Built with ConAgra Products pays homage to lost architectural treasures. In 1989 ConAgra, the second largest agricultural distributor in the United States, began building its new corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. In the process, twenty-four buildings over six city blocks were demolished. The district, known as Jobbers’ Canyon, was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and is considered the largest lost site on record. Using preserved records and architectural drawings O’Brien has ‘rebuilt’ ten of the buildings, substituting the original construction materials with products distributed by ConAgra.


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“This project is made entirely with Blender 2.63a using the Bullet physics engine native to the game development portion of this software. The process of rebuilding these structures consisted of a lot of research at first. In fact, the pre-production of this project was actually what took the most amount of time for the creation of this work. I felt it necessary to not only visit Omaha to gain access to the remaining architectural plans of these buildings (as well as to witness the architectural abomination that is the ConAgra HQ), but also to delve into the history of this site as best I could given the documentation that I acquired from Lynn Meyer. Lynn was indispensable since she was the individual who originally drafted the nomination papers for Jobbers’ Canyon to be listed in the National Register and fought vigorously for the need to preserve this site during the 1989 demolition decision.” – The Creator’s Project