Knitoscope Testimonies

March 2006

Supported by Jerome Foundation

“Knitoscope Testimonies” is the first web based video using “Knitoscope” software, a program that translates digital video into a knitted animation. Knitoscope is a moving image offshoot of microRevolt’s freeware knitPro. The title “Knitoscope” is based on Edison’s early animation technology the kinetoscope, which was a “coin operated peep show machine…watched through a magnifying lens.”

The “Testimonies” in this piece are from various professionals who work against sweatshop labor: Erica Zeitlin works in legislative policy change in Los Angeles; Roian Atwood develops new business models at “American Apparel”; Eric Frumin is the Director of Health and Sanitation for UNITE HERE; and Jim Keady is the founder of “Educating for Justice.” More Testimonies will be uploaded during the weekend of the Sweat Free Communities Conference (April 7-9, 2006) in Minneapolis, MN.

The Electronic Literature Lab could not fully preserve this Flash work with Ruffle or Conifer in June 2021. To view a partially functioning emulation with Conifer click here.


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