January 2003

Supported by Jerome Foundation

Knit++ is a collective_process_project based on the concept of interlocking loops that form non-hierarchical distribution patterns of people and places. The generic ideas of sewing_knitting_ weaving become the artists’ model for ‘surveying territory’ in opposition to colonization of domestic/public sphere. xurban_collective’s “Knit++” draws an analogy between home workers of the 18th century (knitters) and ‘net workers’ of the 21st century.

Despite the fact that knitters labored with the material, and networkers with the immaterial, their struggles within the capitalistic production framework are comparable. The knitting analogy is multi-layered: the project allows the user to literally knit each of the collective’s individual works together. Each of its members (currently ten) brings a different skill to the project, for example, photography, video, VRML, and sound. The layers are knit together with a pattern generator in an ongoing and interactive process: the collective will continue to add new pieces over a period of time.


This piece no longer functions.