April 2005

Supported by Jerome Foundation, LEF Foundation

Itinerant was a site-specific sound installation in Boston, Massachusetts. It invited people to take a walk through Boston Common and surrounding neighborhoods to experience an interactive sound work that re-framed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the classic tale of conflict between techno-scientific hubris and the human spirit. The project engaged a search for an elusive character who is doppleganger to both the doctor and the creature. Sounds, ‘played’ by visitors as they move through the city, created a series of frames within which to reflect upon our highly mobile, technologically saturated society and issues of identity, place, and displacement. Mobile and locational media (GPS) formally underscore themes in the work. The sonic overlay is also presented as an interactive map on the web, creating a formal re-framing and displacement of this site-specific work.


You can no longer experience the piece as a sound walk. However, to listen to the archive online, you’ll need the Flash Player, headphones and broadband connection.