Artist Studio

Gregory Chatonsky

August 2003

Interactive fiction, anonymous stories, technological affectivity, language, space, cinema, temporal flow, Jean-Francois Lyotard, writing, reading, new storage mediums, Bernard Stiegler, Jacques Derrida, hand, eye, organon, esthetics, translation, transformation, mutation, distance, seditio, input, output, incident, crash, bug, observer, Jonathan Crary, David Blair, Jean-Luc Nancy, trouble, latency, repression, psyche, minimal, separation, abandonment, accessory, accident, accidental, tear, fixing, algarade, hitch, animadversion, venture, case, baffle, circumstance, dispute, hitch, difficulty, argument, embarrassment, prevention, trouble, entrefaite, episode, event, possibility, made, history, incidence, incidental clause, mishap, obstacle, occasion, occurrence, breakdown, pip, adventure, secondary, pulling, appearance, dream, double, scarecrow, spirit, phantasm, distort appearance, fiction, idea, non-existent, unreal, thin, died, shade, puppet, phantasm, returning, seeming, show, dream, spectrum

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Shockwave, Flash.