January 2007

Supported by Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Everyone who has lived in an apartment has a story to tell. “Gothamberg” is a place to read, interact and exchange stories of lives in apartment buildings. Together, these tales of unwanted sounds and smells, lobbies and bathrooms, laundry room gossip and unexpected favors form a single collective building, “Gothamberg”. Their experiences form the elliptical threads of inhabitation, a mnemonic quality expressing something of the shared nature of dwelling.

Apartment buildings are full of complex connections between characters and places. If you type a word in CAPITALS, that word looks for another story to link to. Or, if you wish to connect your story to another, look for words in capitals to link to. For example, if a story uses a name like SMELLYMAN, then write your story with the same name in capitals. The collective memories of the residents of “Gothamberg” gradually recede into the background, while new memories, stories, come to mind first. If you tell your story then you can come back later to see what new tales have been added to it.


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