February 2008

Supported by New York State Music Fund

Flou (pronounced “flew”) is not exactly a game; you do fly a ship through space, but you cannot shoot anything, score points, or win or lose. The focus, rather, is on the soundtrack: as you navigate through a 3D world and zoom through objects in space, you add loops and apply effects to an ever-evolving musical mix. You can also design your own worlds to fly through and share them with other Flou users.


Java; Windows XP or Vista; Mac OS X; or Linux. Minimum 768 MB RAM and 1.5 GHz processor; fast graphics card; Speakers or headphones. This piece is no longer fully functional.


Additional Credits:  Andrew Beck, Xiang Cao, Mark Godfrey, Jagadeeswaran Jayaprakash, Al Matthews, Rachel Ponder, Alex Rae, Sriram Viswanathan