Finding Time

August 1999

Supported by Jerome Foundation

“Finding Time” seeks to make concrete use of Internet technology to provide a framework for musical collaboration across multiple sites on planet Earth. Instrumentalists on each of the six populated continents will be connected through the Internet in an evolving composition that will involve improvisation and drone music, coordinated by composers Scott Rosenberg and Jesse Gilbert.

Early performances of “Finding Time” will rely on pre-determined transitions generated through chance compositional techniques, and will give listeners a chance to watch a primitive graphical score as it unfolds. As the piece evolves, a visual interface will be developed that will incorporate bio-feedback information from several listeners around the world, from electroencephalographic instruments or other bio-sensor apparatus. The aim is to create a world-wide feedback loop within a framework that posits the possibility of non-commercial, experimental uses of the world network that we call the Internet.


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