June 2003

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

Ekpurosis is a micro-universe in a cycle of random regeneration. Pehuet invites the user into an environment that is constantly mutating and to which users may contribute. Mouse movements and clicks propel the work forward, and users’ images are “absorbed” by the work, each becoming a part of the greater whole. Ekpurosis is concerned with the experience of the whole by virtue of “being” one of the parts. In observing particulars and their relationship to one another we notice their transience, mutability, and interchangeability. This points to the existence of a substance or a number of substances common to all particulars. The doctrine of “ekpurosis” states that the cosmos is engaged in continual change, a cyclical process which begins and ends with a universal conflagration. Life gives rise to life, and death and decay give rise to further life.


Shockwave Player. Headphones/Speakers. Follow instructions to upload your own images.