Crow Sourcing

September 2012

Supported by Jerome Foundation

How does the crow fly? Eager beaver, get on your high horse and take the bull by the horns. Talk turkey or monkey around. Clear up the hogwash contributed by the birdbrains. Make them eat crow. If you know a hawk from a handsaw, or have the memory of an elephant, well then, make a bee line for the website and separate the sheep from the goats until you’re dog tired. It’s the cat’s meow. Crow Sourcing engages collective memory and insight to demystify and reanimate a dizzying array of sayings, idioms, and expressions that will be collected and discussed via Web, mobile, and social media until the end of 2012. The results will then be presented as printed matter.


To participate, you’ll either need a Twitter account or you can contribute via the web. Otherwise, browse the website.