July 1998

Supported by Creative Capital Foundation

Adrift was an evolving multi-location Internet performance event that combined movement through 3D space, multiple narratives and richly textured sound streaming between virtual and real geographies.

The first performance took place online – between Linz, Austria and New York City – in 1998, during the Ars Electronica Festival. Several iterations occurred online between then and the last performance in 2001.

Later performances were designed for presentation as spectacles in physical locations. Making use of the output of 3 VRML cameras, Adrift was received by three computers and projected by three projectors onto a semicircular screen. The work focused on multiple journeys through a harbor and through virtual space.

Adrift was performed for the last time at the New Museum, New York City on October 19, 2001. The replay of the performance was screened through January 2002.


Browse the archive. You can listen to Helen Thorington’s composition by clicking on the speaker (top left of homepage). To view the demo, you’ll need the Cortona plugin and Real Player. The demo is only viewable on a Windows machine.


Adrift in a Sea of Senses | Review by Joel Johnson | PFORM.ORG



by Helen Thorington, et al
by Helen Thorington, et al


Helen Thorington’s score, which was added to the mix in the final performance.