A Travel Guide

March 2015

Supported by Jerome Foundation

A Travel Guide is a web-based, location-based, mobile-centric application for randomly creating short, poetic texts in the style of the travel guide. A Travel Guide has as its goal to give its visitors an alternate reading of place, through the serendipitous juxtaposition of their current location with evocative procedural text.


Enable/Allow Geolocation in your browser, or not. If not, type in a location. Hover mouse over text.


This is A Travel Guide.  All of the travel guides are generated at random, using sentences drawn from Wikivoyage that have been removed from their original context. As a consequence, you may need to try harder than usual to apply the information contained in the guide to the location in question.

Each guide is unique to the given location. Anyone else who searches for a travel guide at your same location will see the same guide.

Hovering your mouse pointer above any sentence in A Travel Guide will reveal the WikiVoyage article that is the ultimate source for that sentence.