Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

Seoul, Korea

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries is a Seoul-based Web art group consisting of Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge. The group formed in 1999. Young-Hae Chang, is a Korean artist and translator with a Ph.D in aesthetics from Universite de Paris I. Marc Voge is an American poet who lives in Seoul. Their work, presented in 20 languages, is characterized by text-based animation composed in Adobe Flash that is highly synchronized to a musical score that is often original and typically jazz. In 2000, YHCHI’s work was recognized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its contribution to online art. In 2001 the group was awarded a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists. Their solo show, “Black On White, Gray Ascending”, a seven-channel installation, was part of the inaugural opening of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, in 2007. They are 2012 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Creative Arts Fellows.