tobias c. van veen

Whistler, BC, Canada

Tobias c. van Veen is a renegade theorist and pirate, techno-turntablist and writer. Since 1993 he has directed conceptual and sound-art events, online interventions and radio broadcasts, working with STEIM, the New Forms Festival, the Banff Centre, Eyebeam, the Video-In, MUTEK,, the Vancouver New Music Society and Hexagram. His work has appeared in CTheory, EBR, Bad Subjects, Leonardo, Locus Suspectus, FUSE (contributing editor), e/i, the Wire, HorizonZero and through Autonomedia, among others. He has sonic and mix releases on No Type’s BricoLodge and the and/OAR labels. From 1993-2000 he was Direktor of the sonic performance Collective [] in Vancouver. He is co-founder of with Dave Bodrug, with DJ FISHEAD and with artist ssiess. From 2002-2007 Director of UpgradeMTL [] and Concept Engineer at the Society for Arts and Technology []. Tobias is doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication Studies at McGill University.