Portland, OR, USA

Kinya Hanada a.k.a. Mumbleboy is probably most well known for what some people call ‘old school’ Flash animation and making handmade plush dolls before there were such things as designer toys. Kinya started out as an art student in painting and moved to New York with the ambition of becoming a fine artist, but somehow became more known as a graphic designer (although he never thought of himself as one) . Kinya spent the next decade making work mostly with the personal computer, things like music video for Beck, Shugo Tokumaru, Solex, Frou Frou, Anjali, Bettie Serveert, Jason Forrest, O.Lamm, Momus, Fan3 as well as work in the public realm like the the interactive piece “Mumble Hop” which was first installed at the Museum of the Moving Image and the animation for the Holiday Light Show at the Grand Central which was projected on the ceiling of the main hall at Grand Central station in New York City. Kinya has now focused his attention back to his roots to make artwork by hand in the new home city of Portland.