Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mouchette (aka Martine Neddam) is an artist who uses language as a feedstock. Speech acts, address modes, speech in public space, these are the themes that drive her work from the beginning. Starting in 1988, she exhibited texts carriers objects (banners, engraved plaques, shadows on the wall) at galleries and museums. She also made ​​numerous public commissions in several European countries: the Netherlands, Great Britain, France. Depuis 1996, she created the Internet virtual characters who lead their autonomous existence of artists, without it manifests as their auteur.

Mouchette, site created in 1996 and still active to this day, is a girl of 13 who exposes her fantasies and dark thoughts constantly seeking the participation of the visitors. Cult character, it offers since 2002 its identity sharing with visitors the network Mouchette. In 2001, Martine Neddam created David Still, offering identity and the use of his email account the casual internet users. Neddam is also a professor. She teaches at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (where she has lived since 1994) and the School of Visual and Media Arts at UQAM in Montreal, Canada. In 2008, she gave a course on mastering virtual characters.