John Roach

Brooklyn, NY, USA

John Roach is a Brooklyn-based artist working in many media including sculpture, video, installation, internet collaboration and sound art. He is usually not happy unless he is jamming things together that don’t seem to fit. Collaboration is a key component to his work as can be seen in the Free103.9 [“”] Wavefarm project Trailhead [“”] with the Artist James Rouvelle and poet Matthew Rohrer as well as in his ongoing networked performance project Simultaneous Translation [“”] (which includes SimTrans software that can be downloaded from [“”] ). Selected Group Exhibitions: 2B Galeria, Budapest Hungary; Parkers Box, Brooklyn NY; Flux Factory, Queens NY; Times Square Gallery, New York; Plan B Evolving Arts Center, Santa Fe; NM; The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City.Selected Collaborations: Urban Trailhead with James Rouvelle; Simultaneous Translation; The Simultaneous Translator with Willy Whip, Hungarian and American pageturners with Gyula Varnai; Band-o-matic with John Hudak.MFA Hunter College, BA Rutgers University