Jason Rohrer

Davis, CA, USA

Jason Rohrer is an independent game artist, programmer, and critic. With game designs that explore complex and subtle aspects of the human condition, his work has bolstered the acceptance of games as a serious art form. Rohrer’s games have been shown at festivals and art exhibitions in Park City, Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Lleida, Spain. His 2007 release, Passage, received widespread industry and critical acclaim, with God of War creator David Jaffe calling it “one of the most emotional video games I’ve ever played” and Wired’s Clive Thompson writing, “More than any game I’ve ever played, it illustrates how a game can be a fantastically expressive, artistic vehicle for exploring the human condition.”

His 2008 release, Gravitation, won the Jury Prize at IndieCade. Rohrer was selected, along with 27 other innovators, for inclusion Esquire’s December 2008 “Genius Issue”. Other games: Transcend, Cultivation, Perfectionism, Idealism,Police Brutality, Immortality, Regret, i45hg, Crude Oil, Between, Primrose, Sleep Is Death, Inside a Star-filled Sky, Diamond Trust of London, The Castle Doctrine, and Cordial Minuet.