David Jhave Johnston

Hong Kong

Jhave is a digital-poet.

Focus: Language-based online digital art. Combinatorial poetics, multimedia poetry.

Currently, developing works that feature typographic experiments built through a synthesis of Flash, Mudbox, Vegas, Ableton, After Effects and Mr. Softie.

Exhibition history: Agence Topo, Chambre Blanche, Champ Libre, ELO, FILE, FOFA, Incident, Oboro, Turbulence among others. His work has been exhibited at 4 new media Biennales: Montreal ’03,  ’09, ‘11 & Toronto ’04.

Philosophy: Jhave uses algorithms as aesthetic tools; and believes that moist matter is quasi-sentient. His work is an attempt to harmoniously reconcile computation, emotion, concepts, and the ancient idea of artist as conduit.

Since 1999, he has published language-art online (instead of on paper) at www.glia.ca. In the spring of 2011 he released a usb-key version of a decade of this web-work.

Keywords: affect, symbiosis, cybernetics, new-media literature, hybrids, emergence, digital poetics, video art