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Live Stage: Non Stop Music Planet [fr Paris + online]

background.jpgNon Stop Music Planet (NSMP) – 24h of live music performances following the world time belt :: May 30-31; noon to noon (GMT+2 _ Paris-F) :: Call for Participation — Deadline: May 27.

Artists, performers, musicians, concert venues, radios, and entertainers are invited to participate by broadcasting sound & video content into the NSMP festival using DIY streaming technologies. The contents will then be broadcast on 3 screens at Point Ephémère – Paris-F (mixed by several guest directors / cinematographers). The stream will also be available online. Non Stop Music Planet is an opportunity to: Continue reading

May 22, 2009
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Live Stage: Radiophonic Creation Day [world-wide]

radiophonic1.jpgRadiophonic Creation Day — more than 30 artists from 17 different countries :: May 23, 2009; midnight to midnight :: Paris – Sur Aligre FM 93.1 MHz :: Montpellier – On l’Eko des Garrigues 88.5 MHz :: Budapest – On Radio Eper 97.0 MHz :: Prague – On Radiocustica Cro3 Vltava :: London – On Resonance fm 104.4 MHz :: Toulouse – On Radio Campus Toulouse 94.0 MHz :: Lisbon – On Radio Zero :: Rome – On RAM LIVE :: New York – On Art On Air :: Luxembourg – Sur Radio ARA 103.3 MHz.

Radiophonic Creation Day attempts to include every aspect of radiophonic creation by proposing radio plays, creative documentaries, field recording, experimental and concrete music, sound poetry, Hörspiels and unidentified sound objects. We hope this event will inspire the production of creative programming in European radio stations and accelerate the setting up of a found to help radiophonic creation. Nowadays, this neglected art still suffers from a lack of financial help that continually threatens its position among the radio production line.

May 18, 2009
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Net_Music_Weekly: Four Electric Ghosts [us NYC]

obadike.jpgMendi + Keith Obadike: Four Electric Ghosts :: May 14-16, 2009; 8:00 pm :: The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, NYC + Streamed Live.

Performance duo Mendi + Keith Obadike premiere Four Electric Ghosts, a new multimedia opera that extends their experiments with layered narratives, online performance, and popular culture. Drawing from Amos Tutuola’s novel My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and the arcade game Pac-Man®, the work creates a composite world at the intersection of game culture, the folktale, and pop songs. Told from the perspective of ghosts, the narrative evolves through masquerade, movement, live music, and video interviews.

With text by Mendi, Keith on laptop, choreography and dancers from Angela’s Pulse Performance Projects, and new music created in collaboration with bassist/producer Melvin Gibbs and musician Guillermo E. Brown.

Apr 28, 2009
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Live Stage: Big Deep [us NYC + online]

n62508599835_1407.jpgDeep Listening Institute presents Big Deep, a benefit concert with Roscoe Mitchell, Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Band (Stuart Dempster, David Gamper); visuals by Benton-C; and DJs Olive and Oliveros :: April 18, 2009; 8:00 – 11:00 pm :: The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York City; and streamed live.

Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. for more than two decades has contributed to the quality of life locally and throughout the world, through retreats, workshops, concerts, festivals and many other programs. Deep Listening Institute provides a home for a large community of artists, audiences, and students, through its activities and online presence. Your donation to Deep Listening is a gift that connects with others who care about the quality of life and helps to build community in the arts. With your help we continue to thrive and bring transformative arts to all.

Apr 13, 2009
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Live Stage: Active Radio [ca + Italy + online]

Wi: The Journal of Mobile MediaActive Radio … Launch and Demo :: April 7, 2009; 11:00 am – 1:00 pm :: Simultaneous Broadcast**: MONTREAL: Department of Communication Studies C-Pod Space, Room CJ 2.192; and Concordia University–Loyola Campus, 7141 Sherbrooke St. West; TORONTO: Mobile Media Lab at York University, 217 York Lanes; BOLOGNA: Marconi Foundation.

Active Radio focuses on the role and place of Active Radio. The concept of active radio comes from Jean Laurendeau’s french-language biography of Maurice Martenot — inventor of les Ondes Martenot. This early electronic musical instrument (1928) produces its sound through the interaction of two radio waves. Continue reading

Apr 1, 2009
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Net_Music_Weekly: “Cyberbirds” by Benoît Maubrey

maubrey.jpgCyberbirds: Audio | Video Peacock are mobile multimedia screens by Benoît Maubrey — The Audio Peacock is a wearable electronic instrument constructed out of polycarbonate (plexi-glass) equipped with loudspeakers, amplifier, battery and different sound-making devices (microphone, sampler, radio receiver, interactive sensors). As Video Peacocks, the costume functions also as a mobile screen onto which theme-specific visualizations (movies, pictures, internet blogs, interactive computer images, webcasts and closed circuit camera views) are projected.

This wearable electroacoustic instrument is shaped into a peacock’s fan-like plumage and is highly directional — projecting the sound into a space like an oversized radar dish. Much in the same way that the courtyard peacock “strutts his stuff” in front of a pea-hen and imposes with his awesome cry, so does the Audio Peacock stalk his architectural domain — using sound as a scalpel that cuts through air and sculpts it, transforming it to into his new realm. Continue reading

Feb 19, 2009
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Live Stage: Telematic Skip [Boston, Chicago, Taiwan, online]

skip.jpgTelematic Skip – Experimental SimulSkype: Boston, Chicago, Taiwan :: January 9, 2009; 11:00 pm – 12:30 am (EST) … Chicago: 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm (CST) … Taiwan: 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm (Saturday) :: Mobius, 725 Harrison Ave., Boston.

Telematic Skip, instigated by Dan Godston (CHICAGO – Brown Rice), involves performers who are in remote locations with a live audio and video feed between those locations. The initial plan is to use Skype but this could change to another live medium for communication depending on the circumstances — stay tuned. Telematic Skip will be broadcast live, at live. Continue reading

Jan 7, 2009
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Live Stage: 1,000.046th Art’s Birthday [at Hainburg + online]

n54466781472_7971.jpgArt’s Birthday Party 2009 — 1,000.046th Art’s Birthday :: January 16, 2009; 8:05 pm to January 17, 2009; 12:00 am :: Kulturfabrik Hainburg, Kulturplatz 1 and EBU Ravel, Radio Devín, ORF’s Radio Ö1 and

In 1963 the French Fluxus artist, Robert Filliou, declared January 17 to be the 1,000,000th birthday of art which for some decades now has been celebrated worldwide. As in the previous years, in 2009 artists all over the world will organise a networked birthday party for art.

Kunstradio is collaborating with Experimental Studio of Slovensky Rozhlas, IMA (Institute of Media Archaeology) and Tilos Radio Budapest for a two-day-happy-birthday-event, as usual online, on site and on air. The “Fête Permanente” will take place at the exhibition Magical Soundmachines at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg on the shore of the Danube, close to Vienna and even closer to Bratislava. Continue reading

Dec 30, 2008
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Live Stream of the Antarctic Underwater Soundscape

ae091097f9.jpgTransmitting live from the Ocean below the Antarctic Ice: “Providing an acoustic live stream of the Antarctic underwater soundscape is a formidable challange. After all, more than 15000 km lie between Antarctica and our institute in Germany. Underwater sound is recorded by means of two hydrophones by PALAOA (Perennial Acoustic Observatory in the Antarctic Ocean), an autonomous, wind and solar powered observatory located on the Ekström ice shelf (Boebel et al., 2006).

The data stream is transmitted via wireless LAN from PALAOA to the German Neumayer Base. From there, a permanent satellite link transmits the data to the AWI in Germany. Continue reading

Apr 10, 2008
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Live Stage: Navigating the Space of the Future [nl Amsterdam]

david_dunn.jpg[Image: David Dunn] Navigating the Space of the Future – Seminar with presentations by: Yolande Harris, David Dunn and Atau Tanaka:: April 15, 2008; 8:30 pm :: Netherlands Media Art Institute, Keizersgracht 264, 1016 EV Amsterdam :: LIVE STREAM.

What does it mean to navigate? What is the importance of location specificity? What does it mean to get lost? The increasing accuracy of satellite navigation strives to eliminate the possibility of human error, but it also produces a sense of dislocation from one’s immediate environment by abstracting location as the coordinates of longitude and latitude. What place is there for one’s body, one’s senses, one’s conscious and unconscious awareness of space, if this knowledge is so apparently made redundant by GPS? Continue reading

Apr 9, 2008
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