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Distribution Grant for NY State Artists [us NYS]

free.jpgDistribution Grant for New York State Artists :: Application Deadline: October 31, 2010

free103point9 is pleased to announce the 2011 Distribution Grant for New York State Artists providing support for the distribution of new works in film, video, sound, new-media, and media-installation. Funding is available from free103point9 through a regrant from New York State Council on the Arts Electronic Media and Film Program. Grant awards will assist artists in making works available to public audiences and may include, but are not limited to: moving image and sound works; duplication of preview, screening, distribution, and exhibition copies; promotional materials including documentation and schematics of media-installation and new-media works. The rental or purchase of equipment essential for exhibition/distribution by individual artists is also eligible. Artists may request funding support up to a maximum amount of $10,000. Continue reading

Sep 20, 2010
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Live Stage: Pamela Z at The Kitchen [us NYC]

pamelaz_fall2010_large.jpgPamela Z: Baggage Allowance :: September 16-18, 2010; 8:00 pm :: The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York, NY.

San Francisco-based artist Pamela Z presents her latest solo performance for voice, electronics, and interactive video that considers “baggage” in all its literal and metaphorical permutations. She is best-known for her signature style of experimental performance works that meld sampling technologies and live electronic processing with operatic bel canto and extended vocal techniques.

Drawing from her own extensive traveling as well as other travelers’ experiences, this new work contends with the ball-and-chain-ness of dragging one’s belongings all over the world. Through manipulation of layers of visual and sonic material through various custom controls and devices live on stage, Baggage Allowance scans and inventories the objects (and memories) we all cart around with us.

Sep 12, 2010
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Remix and the The Rouelles of Media Production

networked.jpgRead | Write Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production by Mette Birk, Mark Cantwell, Owen Gallagher, Eli Horwatt, Martin Leduc, Eduardo Navas, Tara Zepel — in Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art):

ABSTRACT: Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production explores concepts of remixing not only in content and form, but also in process. The aim of the collaboration is to evaluate how the creative process functions as a type of remix itself in a period when production keeps moving toward a collective approach in all facets of culture. The emphasis on video remixing is the result of a collaborative rewriting activity among the contributors, who each wrote independent paragraphs that went through constant revisions once combined as a single text. Continue reading

Sep 2, 2010
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Spill>>Forward – Earth Art for the 21st century

birds.jpg Spill»Forward — An Exhibition of Earth Art for the 21st Century :: MediaNoche & Online.

Following on the heels of a decidedly unsuccessful round of climate talks in Copenhagen, the Earth Day disaster in the Gulf of Mexico frames this exhibition of Earth Art for the 21th CenturyTM. Artists and designers from around the world are invited to address the theme of sustainability in the future. Works responding to the Deepwater Horizon accident, or related ecological and cultural concerns, will be given precedence. Submission deadline: July 20, 2010.

Visit the site to sign up for news regarding the exhibition and a related lecture series. Or upload a contribution to Spill » Forward in a few simple steps. This call for participation encompasses diverse forms including: images, sound, video, interactive. Continue reading

Jun 30, 2010
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Cinesonika Festival and Conference [ca Vancouver]

cinos.jpgCall for Papers: Cinesonika Festival and Conference seeks contributions on Sound and the Moving Image :: Festival Dates: November 12-21, 2010 :: Conference Dates: November 13-14, 2010 :: Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus, Vancouver, British Columbia :: Keynote Address: Don Ihde.

Cinesonika: The First International Film and Video Festival of Innovative Sound Design is adding a conference component. We are seeking interdisciplinary contributions on sound in relation to the moving image. Media thinkers, film scholars, art historians, performance theorists, composers, filmmakers, sound practitioners, multimedia semioticians, philosophers of perception – we invite these and others to submit proposals for 20 minute panel presentations. All accepted submissions will be considered for inclusion in an edited volume (papers should be expandable to 3000-5000 words if selected for final essay publication). Continue reading

Jun 27, 2010
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“Moments of Inertia” by R. Luke Dubois w/Todd Reynolds

moments_of_inertia.jpgTurbulence Commission: Moments of Inertia by R. Luke DuBois, with Todd Reynolds:

Moments of Inertia is an evening-length performance based on a teleological study of gesture in musical performance and how it relates to gesture in intimate social interaction. The work is written for solo violin with real-time computer accompaniment and video. Moments consists of twelve violin études written for Todd Reynolds – ranging from 1-10 minutes in length – each of which uses a different violin performance gesture as a control input for manipulating a short piece of high-speed film (300 frames-per-second) – of objects and people in motion. Taking its cue from principles in physics that determine an object’s resistance to change, the violinist’s gestures time-remap and scrub the video clip to explore the intricacies of the performed action. Continue reading

Jun 7, 2010
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Live Stage: Share Uptown [us Bronx, NY]

Share Uptown :: June 6, 2010; 2:00 – 7:00 pm :: BronxArtSpace, 305 East 140th Street #1A, Bronx, NY.

Share is an informal gathering that takes place in dozens of cities around the world. We are happy to add the Bronx to such a stellar roster of experimental venues. Share is dedicated to supporting the collaboration and exchange of knowledge in new media communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into the system, improvise on each others’ signals, and perform live audio and video. We furnish the amplification and projection you create the content. Take your sound out of the studio and go live. Or play out with new and interesting people. Add yourself and your gear to: Share Art, Share Music, Share Knowledge, Share Sound, Share Wine, Share Company. Continue reading

Jun 2, 2010
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Live Stage: LMAKprojects [us NYC]

tnm-p5030108sml5129.jpgLMAKprojects presents Jessica Feldman, Richard Lainhart and Michael V. Waller :: May 10, 2010; 7:30 – 10:30 pm :: 139 Eldridge Street, New York City.

LMAKprojects is pleased to present live the works of Jessica Feldman, Richard Lainhart and Michael V. Waller in the last LMAKseries of the season. The performances explore the inner-relationships between digital media, film and music. Feldman will present an interactive video and sound performance, titled thebodyisaportthebodyisaportintomassivedarkeness. Lainhart will play on his analog synthesizer system live to accompany some of his digital films. Waller has composed three new works: Suite No. 432 (I), Making Matters Worse, and Tone Over for violinist Erica Dicker, who has performed in various regional orchestras throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, holding leadership positions in the South Bend and Peoria Symphonies. Continue reading

May 10, 2010
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Live Stage: The OpenEnded Group [us Troy, NY]

open.jpgThe OpenEnded Group: Upending with music by Morton Feldman followed by The Making of Upending with The OpenEnded Group :: March 25 and 26, 2010, 7:00 p.m. (Matinee: March 27, 2:00 p.m.) :: Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, EMPAC @ Rensselaer, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY.

Upending is a revelatory stereoscopic theater performance: an animated, actor-less drama of disorientation and reorientation that compels viewers to rethink their relationship with the material world. Using ordinary flat photographs and stereoscopic HD video as the basis for a battery of non-photorealistic rendering technique, Upending transfigures familiar objects, spaces, and persons in ways that are both beautiful and uncanny. Continue reading

Mar 10, 2010
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Fred Viola and Guille Lopez, The Turn

viola.jpgThe 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival is now over, but its Art Division has recommended a number of works that are well worth looking at.

Among them, is Fredo Viola’s The Turn, an interactive, toy-like site that showcases Fredo Viola’s music and unique video work. Traditional rectangular videos are joined by circular and hexagonal works, which can be turned. When shapes collide they generate sounds that create a musical instrument in conjunction with the interactive background music and adjustable physics parameters.

Viola collaborated with artist Guille Lopez in creating The Turn.

Feb 21, 2010
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