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Live Stage: Nancy Garcia [us Miami]

Nancy Garcia :: April 9 – June 9, 2011 :: Opening: April 9; 7:00 – 10:00 pm :: Bas Fisher Invitational, 180 NE 39th Street, Suite 210, Miami, Florida.

Nancy Garcia’s interdisciplinary practice incorporates choreography, music/sound, video, performance, image making, and new media. Often slinging the viewer to the edges of performative events, Garcia draws attention to the exultant body, considering it as a site as well as a vehicle for sound and movement. For her first solo exhibition in Miami, Garcia shows a new body of work incorporating photography, a new video entitled Power Trio, and a concept audio compilation, Lover’s Alarm Clock, for which she asked artist friends to “create a sound you want your lover/s to wake up to.” Each track will be downloadable and sharable as a smartphone ringtone at, and be available for listening in the gallery. Continue reading

Apr 7, 2011
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Live Stage: Looking at Music 3.0 [us New York, NY]

49524.jpgLooking at Music 3.0:: February 16 – June 6, 2011 :: The Yoshiko and Akio Morita Media Gallery, second floor, The Museum of Modern Art :: the third in a series of exhibitions exploring the influence of music on contemporary art practices, focuses on New York in the 1980s and 1990s. In this dynamic period, imaginative forms of street art spread across the five boroughs, articulating the counter-culture tenor of the times. As the city transitioned from bankruptcy to solvency, graffiti, media, and performance artists took advantage of low rents and collaborated on ad hoc works shown in alternative spaces and underground clubs. Appropriation, also known as remixing, thrived. Continue reading

Mar 10, 2011
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Live Stage: With Hidden Noise [us New York, NY]

image.jpgWith Hidden Noise:: curated by Stephen Vitiello :: March 3-6, 2011 :: Independent Curators International (ICI), Independent, 548 West 22nd Street, New York ::

ICI’ s With Hidden Noise is an exploration of sound art that seeks to ask gallery and museum visitors to spend time listening with ears they may not know they had…Titled after Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made of a ball of string containing a mysterious sound-marking object hidden in its folds, this exhibition brings together evocative sounds, some recognizable from traditional instruments and field recordings, and other masked through electronic processes.

With Hidden Noise is curated by Stephen Vitiello, an artist who has worked with sound for over 20 years, transforming anodyne noises into compelling soundscapes. Continue reading

Mar 2, 2011
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Waveforms by Carrie Bodle [us Seattle, WA]

Waveforms by Carrie Bodle :: October 28 – November 28, 2010 :: Harborview Eye Institute, 7th Floor, Ninth & Jefferson Building, 908 Jefferson St., Seattle, WA.

Part of her Sewing Sonifications series, Waveforms originated from a collaboration with UW Oceanographic Scientist Dr. Neil Banas and is an exploration into using data from ecosystem models along the Washington coast to create tangible experiences of research through art. Sound is translated from data, then visualized and made tactile by the artist embroidering the combined waveform into a continuous sound wave.

Waveforms was made with the support of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 4Culture, and Harborview Medical Center.

Nov 1, 2010
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Open Call Deadline Today for Networked Art: 3 @ $3,000 and Pace Digital Gallery announce an Open Call for Networked Art to be commissioned for the exhibition @ PaceDigitalGallery 2.

3 commissions @ $3,000 will be awarded. The deadline for proposals is November 1. The works will premiere at Pace and on Turbulence in April 2011.

The curators are seeking works that address the notion of “Levels | Hierarchies”, as in chains of command, levels of play, stages of life, degrees of comfort... Pace Digital Gallery is, itself, distributed across three floors of a building; within a broad stairwell to be precise. Practitioners are required to address the theme according to both the physical space and the distributed space of the Internet, where the works will permanently reside.
Continue reading

Oct 15, 2010
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Live Stage: TELLUS The Audio Cassette Magazine Marathon [us New York, NY]

41572_104404479622248_665_n.jpgTELLUS The Audio Cassette Magazine Marathon :: Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. – November 13 at 12:00 a.m. :: at Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, #602, New York, NY :: Created By Joseph Nechvatal ::

Harvestworks/TELLUS can be viewed at the Alternative Histories Exhibition at Exit Art. ( and

The presentation will take place in the Harvestworks audio gallery starting with TELLUS #1 through TELLUS #27 played in one hour segments starting at 3 pm until midnite on the following days: Thursday, November 11 – Issues #1 – #9 :: Friday November 12 – Issues #10 – #18 :: Saturday November 13 – Issues #19 – #27. Continue reading

Oct 6, 2010
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Live Stage: Philip Stearns @ Harvestworks [us New York City, NY]

5042070172_340e8567da.jpgSoHo Night: Art by Phillip Stearns:: Opening: Thursday, Oct 14, 2010 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. :: Performance: Friday, Oct 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. :: Exhibition: Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 1:00 6:00 p.m. :: at Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, #602, New York, NY 10012 :: Phone: 212-431-1130 :: Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R Prince, 6 Bleeker :: Free ::

Harvestworks is pleased to present interdisciplinary artist Phillip Stearns as part of Soho Night, an evening of extended exhibition viewing and special programs by the not-for-profit arts organizations in Soho. Continue reading

Oct 4, 2010
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Live Stage: Lighting the Future – An Optical Media Art Exhibition [ch Beijing]

ccss7.jpgLighting the Future – An Optical Media Art Exhibition :: The White Box Museum of Art, 798 Art Dist, No 2., Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing :: Through October 3, 2010 ::

Works by Art Clay (CHE), Harro Schmidt (DEU), David Cheung (CAN) and others in the second floor gallery. Looking at the building at night, public roaming the streets of the 798 area can enjoy the playful works by Christiane Oppermann (DEU) and Claudia Wissmann (DEU).

image: „For Cookie Cutters and Stern“ by Swiss artist, Art Clay

The works make use of a variety of lighting techniques, but are also divided into artwork for public and private spaces in a unique way making use of the different qualities and ambience found in day and night light. Continue reading

Sep 27, 2010
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Live Stage: Popular Music in Contemporary Art [ie Cork]

mix.jpgMixtapes: popular music in contemporary art / :: Exhibition and Talks :: Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Gallery 1 and Sisk Galleries, University College Cork, Ireland :: until 24th October 2010

Artists: Marc Bijl, David Blandy, Alejandro Cesarco, Anne Collier, Sarah Doyle, Fergus Feehily, Dan Graham, Jim Lambie, David Lamelas, Linder, Dennis McNulty, Bettina Pousttchi, Baldvin Ringsted, Meredyth Sparks, and Mika Tajima / New Humans; Curators: Chris Clarke + Matt Packer

‘MIXTAPES: POPULAR MUSIC IN CONTEMPORARY ART’ is an exhibition that explores the relationships between contemporary visual arts and popular music, featuring artworks that date from the 1970s to the present day. The exhibition draws upon the distinct genres, styles and seminal moments in popular music, from the exuberance of glam rock through to the effortless cool of urban soul. Continue reading

Sep 20, 2010
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Live Stage: REPAIR – Ars Electronica 2010 [at Linz]


Ars Electronica 2010 is more than just a festival – it’s a call for action! The festival for art, technology and society will dive into the “mess we’ve gotten into” in order to move things back in the right direction.

This year’s festival titled REPAIR takes place from 2-11 September in Linz (Austria) with more than 200 exhibitions, productions and events at the Tabakfabrik, a former tobacco processing plant. Core is on site to bring you the necessary lifesavers. Continue reading

Sep 2, 2010
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