Diaspora: Explorations in Intercultural Tele-Improvisation

diaspora-thumbnail.jpgEthernet Orchestra are pleased to announce the release of their debut album Diaspora: Explorations in Intercultural Tele-Improvisation through the Chilean net label Peublo Nuevo released 16.12.14. Download it for free now.

Diaspora is a compilation of live freely improvised performances by Ethernet Orchestra recorded between 2009-2014. It features musicians from a diverse range of cultures and musical traditions performing simultaneously between Iran and Australia via North America, Brazil and Europe.

The ensemble combines an array of instruments including Mongolian horse fiddle & throat singing, tabla, Persian tanbur & tar blended with Buchla synthesizer, guitar, trumpet, sax and Max/MSP processing. The majority of the recordings are from performances with live, online, and co-located audiences.

Many of these performances also included visual artists Helen Varley Jamieson, Neil Jenkins, Graziano Milano and Michael Szpakowski mixing live visual collages in the networked audiovisual platform VisitorsStudio. These mixes can be viewed here.

Performing musicians include: Mark Francombe (NO) – guitar Bukhchuluun Ganburged (MN) – morin khuur & throat singing Richard Lainhart (US) – buchla 200e, haken continuum & guitar Roger Mills (AU) – processed trumpets Hervé Perez (FR/UK)- soprano saxophone & electronics Shaun Premnath (MY/ AU) – tabla Peyman Sayyadi (IR, CA)– tanbur, Martin Slawig (DE) – processed percussion & electronics Aref Toloei (IR)– tar Yavuz Uydu (TR/AU) – oud, bendir Elke Utermöhlen (DE) – processed voice & electronics.

Jan 8, 2015
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