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February 21, 2006

Aspect Magazine:


Thematics on Location, by Ignacio Nieto

If you’re looking for spaces where new media artists and curators can feature and promote their work in a proper format for this type of investigation, Aspect Magazine is a good alternative.

Produced in DVD format, each Aspect Magazine issue proposes thematics based on selections of projects made by curators and art critics. Its recent issue focuses on Location, checking different productive contemporary strategies, developed by collectives and artists. That’s how, for example, the work of Kenseth Amsted embraces the invisible space with a video made in Ghana, where cultural media of the west would never register. The C5 collective re-invents mountains by the measure of its geographic accidents, with a GPS system, and computer software. Richard Clar extends the space view with which we become acquainted, and works in the space around the earth and the garbage that surrounds it. Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser build virtual urban spaces where there is an undetermined number of people doing different things, and where the spectator owns an omnipresent view.

Pete Gomes makes diverse tracks with chalk over a bridge, fixing points and naming them according to their coordinates, revealing the new control systems. MTAA realizes a performance that simulates running on real time online, but actually they’re only clips accessed by a program. Finally, Douglas Whetersby works in the gallery space in an intervention which re-orders the space and the objects that determines it, asking for a cover-price.

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