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February 21, 2006

The Upgrade! Lisbon


February meeting featuring André Sier

Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea welcomes next Thursday, February 23rd @19:30, The Upgrade! Lisbon monthly gathering featuring André Sier who will present struct_0, struct_1, struct_2, struct_3, a series of audiovisual projects dealing with concepts of space and time.

André Sier was born in Lisbon in 1977. Holds a degree in Philosophy by FCSH in 2005, having studied three years Painting and Sculpture in Ar.Co, two Biochemistry in FCUL, one Music at AAM, and brief transgressions on performing arts. He is an audio-visual artist-programmer. Has been producing objects that installs in exhibiting spaces since 1997. The objects seek to unravel connections between sound and image, operating them. They began as speakers and light projectors; nowadays they run supported by the latest versions of trillions of code lines compiled by millions of programmers in machines scattered all over the world. Highlights the series Struct, 747, c. ( ), Ankh.

His works have been exhibited at Meiac in Badajoz, at Biennale Vila Nova de Cerveira, at festivals Música Viva, Hertzoscópio, Escrita na Paisagem, Arco art fair at Madrid, Sketch Gallery. Collaborates with various artists from music, plastic and performing arts, almost always with specific audio-visual creations, highlighting cooperation in the project Parque led by Ricardo Jacinto(2005-), UR with Nuno Morão(2003-), Noite directed by Amélia Bentes(2003-), the series To a World Free From... with the composer Pedro M. Rocha(2003-), Soror with Ana Mira and Sofia Borges, and various collaborations in concerts with artists like Ernesto Rodrigues, António Chaparreiro, Vitor Joaquim, Ivan Franco, among others. Participates in the META.morfosis exhibition held in Meiac since 27th jan 2006, and works on collaborations with Pedro Carneiro and Teresa Simas, Sofia Borges, Sam Abercromby.

For further information or project submission please email Luis Silva

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