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September 27, 2004



An Urban Media Space

Urballoon is an urban media space: a balloon equipped with a projector and wireless connection to the web that enables people to submit content online and broadcast it in public spaces. The balloon is located in open urban spaces frequented by pedestrians at sunset and night (e.g. plazas, parks). The ball is tethered and floats at a height of approximately 3 stories. The images and text submitted via the site are projected directly below it. By accessing Urballoon people can send text or images which will be queued and shown by the balloon in the order received onto the street. An archive of all submissions can also be browsed.

The balloon is located in the entrance of City Hall Park in New York as part of the Spectropolis event (October 1- 3, 2004). Share with people on the streets by submitting materials to the queue now. Submissions will be projected at sunset. Post an image or text.

Via Mia at popgadget.

Posted by jo at September 27, 2004 11:02 AM