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Areas of Conflu(x)ence [lu Luxembourg]

luxembourg.jpgAreas of Conflu(x)ence :: Opening: October 6, 2007 @ 5 pm – Free entry :: Using art and new technologies, the aim is to initiate a dialogue dealing with Europe, symbolised in 2007 by Luxembourg, a founding member of the EU, and Romania / Sibiu, a newcomer to the scene. Using the subject of the “landscape” as a starting point, Aires de Conflu(x)ence will show how and when new technologies enhance cross-disciplinary work and help establish networks, and suggest surprising new links between real and virtual landscapes. Continue reading

Sep 30, 18:45
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The Gate (or Hole in Space, Reloaded)

thegate_01.jpgThe Gate (or Hole in Space, Reloaded) :: October 4-7, 2007 :: Yannick Antoine, Yves Bernard (BE); with the collaboration of: Domenico Quaranta (IT), Sugar Seville (SL) :: Opening Performance: Second Front :: iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels; Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance, Second Life (Odyssey 122/45/25)

The Gate is an installation connecting real life and Second Life, a junction point, a door between two worlds and two representation spaces. Basically, it is a simple window between both worlds where real users and SL users see each other and can meet. A view of the SL Gate is permanently projected in the real life venue; when an avatar comes in front of The Gate, it is visible in the public space; when one arrives physically in front of the door in the public space, he/she can interact with the SL user currently in front. Continue reading

Sep 30, 17:45
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Paul Pfeiffer’s “The Saints” [uk London]

crowd.jpgArtangel presents Paul Pfeiffer’s The Saints :: The Junction, Engineers Way, Wembley, London :: September 26 – October 28, 2007.

Wembley Stadium lies at the heart of England’s image of itself. Built for the British Empire Exhibition of 1924, the original stadium hosted many momentous events which form part of the collective memory of the nation — sporting contests and mass rallies — moments of great national remembrance and rejoicing. The opening of the new national stadium at Wembley in 2007 has been the catalyst for a major new sound and video installation for Artangel by the leading US artist Paul Pfeiffer. Continue reading

Sep 30, 17:33
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R A M I – Art and New Media Seminar [lb Beirut]

navigrami_03.jpgInternational Encounters on Arts and Multimedia: Art and New Media seminar at R A M I :: October 4 -15, 2007 :: Beirut / Step 5 :: With this seminar given by Ricardo Mbarkho at RAMI, participants will widen their knowledge, experiments and research in art using new media. They will study and think the New Technologies of Information and Communication (Internet / Cyberspace, mobiles, satellites, digital networks, interactive games, etc.) with their impact on the artist’s social and political environment, and how this impact is or could be shaped in their projects. So what are the new possibilities to experiment with? How to collaborate with electronic engineers and scientists for this purpose? What are the new aesthetics that were never possible before the invention of the virtual / cyberspace, of the interactivity, and of the digital network with the Internet? Continue reading

Sep 30, 15:13
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Computer Art Congress: Call for Papers and Art Works

cac2.jpgCAC.2: Computer Art CongressEmerging forms of computer art: making the digital sense :: March 26, 27, 28, 2008 – Mexico City, Mexico :: Organised by: The Paragraphe Lab, University of Paris VIII (France), the Monterrey Tech Campus Toluca and Campus Estado de México (Mexico), and Europia Productions organize the 2nd. edition of Computer Art Congress.

Call for Papers and Art Works: The first CAC’2002 observed that the origins of Computer Art (CA) are to be found in the fields of Art and Sciences. This duality has greatly delayed its recognition. Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a multidisciplinary community which has been spurred on by the advanced computer sciences. Members of this community share certain “conceptions” related to Visual Art in general and to Computer Art in particular. Continue reading

Sep 30, 15:00
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Visionary Landscapes: Call for Media Art

elo2008.jpgVisionary Landscapes: Electronic Literature Organization 2008 ConferenceCall for Media Art :: Deadline: November 30, 2007 :: Vancouver, Washington :: Sponsored by Washington State University Vancouver and The Electronic Literature Organization :: Drs. Dene Grigar and John Barber, Co-Curators. [Related call]

In conjunction with the ELO 2008 Conference, there will be a juried Media Arts Show, held from Wednesday, May 28-June 2, 2008 at Northbank Artists Gallery in downtown Vancouver, Washington, just a short walk from the conference hotel. In particular, we are looking for works such as: 1. Electronic literary works, such as hypertext poetry and fiction, interactive fiction, flash poetry and fiction, as well as other forms of elit; 2. Net art pieces; 3. Video; 4. Animations; 5. Sonic art; 6. Experimental or conceptual multimedia works. Continue reading

Sep 30, 14:46
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Oribotics (network) [au Melbourne]

oribotics-atrium.jpgPart of the Melbourne International Arts FestivalOribotics [network] is a unique art and technology installation in the Atrium at Federation Square, drawing on cutting edge research in biology, computing, and scientific origami. Discover living biomimetic works attached to the glass panes of the Atrium’s Fracture Galleries.

Seek out Oribotics [network] and you will find robots rooted to the architecture, surviving on solar power, with their faceted folded mechanical blossoms attracting data, moving in response to the physical audience and stimuli from online users at In Oribotics [network] each robot is individually connected to the vastness of the internet, and to local mobile phone, Bluetooth and wifi networks, enabling interaction via mobile devices and the web. Continue reading

Sep 28, 13:13
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Review of “Digital Contagions”

51emrj6za2l__ss500_.jpgDIGITAL CONTAGIONS: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses by Jussi Parikka (Peter Lang Books, 2007, 327 pages); Reviewed by Joseph Nechvatal.

{loop:file = get-random-executable-file; if first-line-of-file = 1234567 then goto loop; prepend virus to file;} – Fred Cohen, “Computer Viruses: Theory and Experiments”

We cannot be done with viruses as long as the ontology of network culture is viral-like. – Jussi Parikka, “The Universal Viral Machine”

One could be forgiven for assuming that a book with the title Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses would be of sole interest to those sniggering hornrimmed programmers who harbor an erudite loathing of Bill Gates and an affection for the Viennese witch-doctor. Continue reading

Sep 28, 12:13
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Live Stage: Eye-Ocean [fr Val-d’Oise]

eyecanvas.jpgAnne-Sarah Le Meur’s Eye-Ocean–experimental real time 3D–is on line for 5 days. It is a mono-screen version of an immersive and interactive 3D artwork, Into the Hollow of Darkness, based on exploration and contemplation of non realistic light phenomena in computer generated image. The images are abstract but organic, metaphors of a world both cellular and cosmic, very carnal, so minimal that they become archaic, a sort of pre-semantic vision (before language) :: October 6, 2007; 7 pm – 2 am :: Nuit blanche, Abbaye de Maubuisson Contemporary Art Center, Val-d’Oise, France.

Sep 28, 11:53
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Reblogged Interactive Cinema Performances

bild.jpgKinoautomat Image sourced from Media Art Net. Copyright Radúz Çinçera. There is a new wave of cinema experiences emerging that points to the revival of the cinema event. Contrasting interactive film (which can be experienced by one person and the interaction is limited to a DVD or remote input), these cinema events require audiences to participate in some way in an event environment.

Kinoautomat (movie vending-machine), 1967… 2007 – This 1967 work by Radúz Çinçera, One Man and His House, is a film that was screened at the Montreal World Fair in a specially-constructed cinema with buttons for the audience. Continue reading

Sep 27, 18:54
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