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4 days of studies and debates about theories and practices of brazilian digital media

“what we really want, actually, is that the ideas become dangerous again.”

The first Submidialogy conference, that took place in Campinas, Sao Paulo, in October 2005, was derived of cooperation between India, Netherlands and diverse Brazilian groups. It was a joining of independent projects, the third sector, governmental, artistic and experimental to an international network of collaborators, searching above all to bring these different experiences to the acknowledgment. This year, it becomes an open festival, with lectures, production laboratories, fm radio broadcast, television, the Internet and the delicious chat with cachaça among @ll submiditics.

Submidialogy will aggregate talks, production and collaborative learning, as well as music, free radio, vj and independent media. These are some of the typical “tastes” that could be appreciated – without moderation – during the second edition of the conference. Continue reading

Sep 30, 14:27
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Gustavo Romano


Time Notes

Time Notes :: EXCHANGE OFFICE :: Orchard Road, Singapore :: The action starts with a stand in Orchard Road (in front of the major Shopping Mall of the city) where two persons ask the passing people what do they think about the new Time Notes money system, and invite them to exchange a bill with something that they think it is worth.

Gustavo Romano employs actions, videos and Internet projects in order to subvert and dismantle a naturalized perception of everyday occurrences. As opposed to the modern pretension that the time and space we inhabit is unique and homogeneous, Romano forays into multiple, fragmented instances of time-space. His works record displacements achieved by way of optical devices (telescopes, satellite views, microscopes, x-rays or night vision), distortions of duration (by manipulating video or electronic recordings) and diverse forms of dislocating genres. In his works, the natural habit of seeing things in a single way in broken. Such is the case in pieces such as Lighting Piece , an ephemeral match that burns endlessly with an eternal flame, or in Pequeños mundos privados (Small Private Worlds), a specular proposal that—just as in La Reproduction Interdit by Magritte—,deconstructs space—Chinese boxes—as well as time—and in this circular proposition, where is the beginning and where is the end? Where is the limit between the reflection and what is being reflected?

Continue reading

Sep 29, 17:08
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[iDC] Questioning Two Experiences with Situated Technology


Emancipatory Technologies for the ‘Marginalized’

On Sep 28, 2006, at 11:34 PM, Matthew Waxman wrote:

In what ways might situated technologies be used as a tool for activating not only the context of user-oriented perspectives but the contexts of non-user-oriented (such as service and ‘marginalized’) perspectives? And how might situated technologies and architectural form (both together) be able to mix or remix these different perspectives on context?

Great question, and something I’ve been thinking of for a while as well. I have no answers or relevant projects, but a few more ideas and questions.

(And perhaps others have touched on these points in earlier posts; like Anne I think I’ve likely missed relevant discussions.)

I’ve been wondering about the potential (and whether it even exists or not) for some of these situated and/or networked technologies being used for emancipatory situations for those ‘marginalized’. Perhaps an example of what I’m thinking about. Take someone who works in a migratory situation. They may come to the US for a few months to work and then return to their families further south. [1] What options do they have for contact with their families and distant communities during these months away? Do many have cell phones? I don’t know; but echoing a discussion from earlier in the summer [2], is it possible to use massively distributed transmission of messages over ad-hoc networks to get information to those who are far away geographically? Bypassing the existing infrastructure to create a transitory one that better reflects the person’s needs and desires. Continue reading

Sep 29, 16:48
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Kostas Daflos


Bodysmaze/Cibo _05

In Kostas Daflos’ last visual art work Bodysmaze/ Cibo _05 which consists a performance machine for the production of virtual spaces, the specific site of the interactive installation reinforces the tangible urban public space. The human action is being captured by a web camera, which activates a programmed robot -unit and produces a thermoelectric, -liquid nebula environment, as an interface, which is the medium for the projection and the intermediary in the communication of our visual experience with the technological platform of the personal computer. In his former visual artworks as in Cipo _03 (and here), and its genuine descendant muscle- skeleton Cipo _04, he focused his research on visual plasticity, video-installations and interactive real environments, co-existing automatic intelligence’ robotic objects with human beings and communicating via web cameras . His artworks expand the real space in the World Wide Web. Continue reading

Sep 29, 13:06
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boycott “festival emergences” – la Villette /Paris



Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:13:54 +0200 (CEST)
From: fougeras nathalie
Subject: [spectre] Appel : boycotte festival “Emergences” la Villette-Paris/Call: boycotts “festival Emergences”

English translation:

Several women wanted to intervene on a mailing list on numerical arts concerning this abuse representation where only men, (with share 2 or 3 collectives but which one does not know if there are women within them) expose in this event that is the Festival “Emergences” which takes place from the 28 to September 30 in the Villette.

This configuration was noticed and a discussion initiated by a woman on this list to question this obvious catch of party of nonrepresentation of the woman. Few men reacted politically and socially by giving an opinion against this failure of the art and in particular of the numerical art of classification per kind. As much to say that silence – and very ambiguous reaction of the other men – completely guarantee this case of figure and classification of art by kind!

Meanwhile, we were sent malls in deprived and parallel to continue the discussion. We received by private malls of the returns of people, for example, in the field of the music who speak about a “configuration” rather close to that to numerical art. Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:51
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The Copy and Paste Show


A Virtual Gallery in Brooklyn

Projects by Seth Price, Ida Ekblad & Anders Nordby and 808 :: Curated by Hanne Mugaas :: The Copy and Paste Show explores the evolution of copy-and-paste culture, through which the copying of digital material has become a major technique in the construction of online identity and style. As with any visual style, web aesthetics often rely on the appropriation of non-original media. In design, people often copy html codes from other websites in order to sample existing material. In constructing online profiles or personal websites, participants often call upon found images, video or graphics. In this context, software and tools gains importance, as they enable new kinds of sharing and distribution amongst cultural producers, and amateurs become empowered to create and distribute sophisticated and layered work. The artists in The Copy and Paste Show explore how technical and digital tools alter web aesthetics, music production, and online and offline relations through the use of copy and paste techniques.

This show is part of Time Shares, a series of online exhibitions co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Time Shares was launched in tandem with Rhizome’s Tenth Anniversary Festival. Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:43
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Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space


/don’t misbehave!/

Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space /don’t misbehave!/ in New Zealand presents 4 new media based artworks:

The group SIMPEL contributes Paper Cup Telephone Network (PCTN). Do you remember stringing two cups together and talking with your friend? Well, the PCTN is the same, but imagine people around the world whose cups are all tied together, so that everyone can speak to anyone, any time, for free. The PCTN uses a combination of string and internet technologies to create a free and open communication system similar to Antonio Meucci’s (the inventor of the telephone) vision for the telephone, a social network where everyone speaks to everyone. This project is by the new media art group SIMPEL. SIMPEL is Matthew Biederman (CA), Aleksandar Erkalovic (HR), Lotte Meijer (NL), and Adam Hyde (NZ). Forecourt of Christchurch Art Gallery and south quad of Arts Centre.

Auckland based media artist Sean Kerr installs Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbourhood Watch consists of a number of peering eyes which create an inquisitive neighbourhood in the central urban area of Christchurch, unsettling and interrupting the locals in the surrounding environment. These animated eyes are goggling out of windows, observing the ever-changing scenery of Christchurch Â’s streets, and participating in public commentary. Worcester Boulevard. Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:43
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11th European Interaction Design Workshop CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TV by Dr. Anxo Cereijo Roibás, University of Brighton :: October 5-8, 2006, Istanbul Kadir Has University.

This winter, one of the most prestigious interaction design workshops, IDWS, is looking for 14 talented design students (7 Turkish nationals and 7 non-Turkish nationals). This time, IDWS will host Spanish Researcher Anxo Cereijo Roibás who specializes in Interactive TV application. The workshop will explore suitable methodologies and techniques to design new scenarios defined by intersections between handhelds and other devices (e.g. iTV). It will also analyze crucial issues in the design of applications and interactive content in these contexts.

Application deadline: November 30, 2006 (Application fee is not required) For more details concerning scope, background of participants, accommodation, workshop fees, etc., please see: Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:36
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The Brooklyn Apartment


A Virtual Gallery in Brooklyn

We have a different approach to selling art. We don’t make it easy and we don’t want to make it straightforward. Instead, we want shopping for our art to be a unique experience in during which the viewer can experience the allure and reality (sometimes grimy reality) of North Brooklyn living.

The Brooklyn Apartment is a virtual tour of my apartment and my friend’s apartment. We have art hanging up on the walls of our bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Sometimes the art is hidden and it requires curiosity to be found. We also include of our environment to make the viewer feel immersed in our environment.

We hope you stop by the Poland-Korea Relations site. The link above will take you to the art page which opens the gallery window. Enjoy. Hope you like what you see. Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:35
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Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell


Release Party

Join us to celebrate the release of Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell , the latest World of Awe project. The music CD is a collaboration between composer Yoav Gal, dancefilmmaker Evann Siebens and Yael Kanarek. In World of Awe a traveler searches for a lost treasure in a parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise. Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell sets texts from the treasure hunt to soprano and Atari, with a dancefilm shot on 6th street in Manhattan.

October 5, Eyebeam, NYC :: 7:00 Drinks :: 7:30 Introduction by Innova Director, Philip Blackburn :: 7:35 Performance by composer Yoav Gal, sopranos Heather Green and Sarah Rivkin, and dancer Evann Siebens. Drinks courtesy of bitforms gallery. The CD is available for sale at the Eyebeam bookstore and Innova website. CD design by Mushon Zer-Aviv

“[…] this is a “postmodern opera”, and features a performance of the opening track Portal as a Quicktime movie in addition to the eleven songs. The musical backing and interludes are all performed on an Atari 800XL. Soprano Sarah Rivkin’s voice is layered into choirs of operatic/angelic voices. The Atari 800XL sections have a thick antiquated/timeless quality, sometimes sounding like a seriously deranged harpsichord. Quite lovely, listenable, and beautifully packaged as well.” — George Parsons, Dream Magazine #7 Continue reading

Sep 29, 12:31
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