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Living Wall


Network of Sonic Memories

Living Wall–by Ã…smund Gamlesaeter and Alexander Berman–is an installation collecting, recomposing and playing sonic memories. The computational processes that take place are displayed on 3000 white LEDs. Microphones record fragments of human interaction. Each fragment is then analysed using an adaptive sound categorization technique, determining its relation to previously stored clips.

The network of sound clips is reorganized in real time as new fragments are recorded and connections between previously stored clips are elaborated. Fragments with similar perceptual qualities are grouped in clusters and dissimilar clips are separated from each other. As time goes by the network evolves into a rich mass of information with complex interconnections.

Recomposed sequences of sound are played back into the space by walking through the network of sonic memories. The sounds are distributed into the space based on a mapping from the network position to a position in the room. For the developers, this behaviour is parallel to the behaviour of how we associate ideas. Living Wall is a permanent installation at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, Norway. [blogged by Regine on we-make-money-not] Continue reading

Nov 23, 11:18
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Viral Counter Attack


Art Viruses Need Paintings

In Viral Counter Attack–by Joseph Nechvatal and Music2eye–colonies of “art viruses” are slowly destroying digital paintings. They “eat” the images to survive and generate offspring. Players compete or cooperate to control artifial viral colonies. They have to move their bodies to guide the movements of the virus on the screen.

Overhead cameras capture the direction and the intensity of players’ movements. The data is automatically translated in real time on the activity of the viruses. Each gamer can control one colony (identified by a colour) and they have to survive as long as possible by guiding the colony towards areas “rich with nutritious resources”. But they can also attack other colonies. More images. Video. [blogged by Regine on we-make-money-not] Continue reading

Nov 23, 11:13
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Circuit City:


Tom Vanderbilt on Pixelated Architecture

“…The screen, along with the skyscraper, has for some time been one of the particular features of Asian modernity. The screen-centric vision of Los Angeles famously depicted by Ridley Scott in Blade Runner (1982) was, the director has noted, inspired by his time in 1960s Hong Kong, a paradoxical city whose pulsating electronic skyline overlooked a harbor, as Scott has described, filled with nineteenth-century fishing junks. But those screens were merely static vehicles for the transmission of commercial messages, mechanical upgrades of an older public-advertising tradition. What is most interesting about the screens I found in Seoul was that they were not merely architectural appendages broadcasting messages but architecture itself; not simply vehicles for delivering one-way information to a passive public but an active layer of the city’s matrices of networks. To stand on a street was to stand on a street of a hundred screens, and by “screens” I mean the external manifestation—the collective user-interface—of the unseen digital flow pulsing down that same street, invisible but as much a part of the city experience as the concrete of the sidewalks…” From Circuit City: Tom Vanderbilt on Pixelated Architecture, Artforum. Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:51
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San Francisco Film Society


Wireless Media Call for Entries

This is an invitation to submit work to the San Francisco Film Society for consideration to be included in the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival taking place April 20 ­ May 4, 2006. In specific, this call is for a program that will focus on a series of visual works made by and/or for wireless media devices and signals. Roughly this breaks down into three categories: 1. Works made by mobile devices 2. Works made to be specifically viewed on mobile devices. 3. Works that use wireless signals a new aesthetic medium.

SUBMISSIONS: Telephonic communication has always been a two-way street. You send messages, you receive messages. Now, a myriad of wireless communications devices also record and playback text messages, still images, sound and video. But the transmission principle is the same. These recordings are sent or received and cover distance. What’s changed is the multi-use functions of telecommunications hardware. Mobile devices have become special tools for interacting with the mediated world. The question this program will explore is how do these mobile devices enable new methods of production, distribution and/or exhibition. We invite you to submit your work to help us form an answer. Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:41
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“Still Warm” Everyday Art Project

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! Melanie is currently developing an art project that is based on digital photographs taken by people of their beds and pillows first thing in the morning – while (as the title suggests) they are ‘still warm’. Her aim is to collect over a hundred photographs in order to stage an exhibition/database about ‘waking up’. She is therefore calling (in a pleading way) for submissions. If you would like to contribute/help, please email Melanie a photograph (preferably 1000px although smaller is ok) to misses[at] Her only requirement is that the photo is taken while your bed is literally still warm with the time and date of your snap. It would only take a few minutes and your anonymity will be protected if you so wish.

This will be be part of a larger art practice-based research project about the way people relate to everyday objects and spaces. This involves making drawings, films, bibliographies, databases and much of it involves the participation and collaboration of others. Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:35
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Liquid (tele)vision Mediation

The tv medium’s deconstruction is often based on a radical intervention on its essential mechanism: continous and hypnotic entertainment based on frequent light and color changes. TV has the universally acknowledged role of awareness’ persuader, through the allurance of senses, obtained with a narcotic bulimia of contents. Now more than ever there are tools and approached that can dismatle and exploit this role as an input for different purposes. Spin by Liz Nofziger is a work that simply add another visual level between the screen and the viewer, beaming the tv contents onto an enormous ‘disco ball’, endless rotating in the restricted space of a gallery, reflecting the same contents on the walls, and so illuminating them. The above mentioned mechanisms are then liquified in the ball’s facets, and the same ball evolves from a funky knick-knacks to a visual mediator, splitting pictures in pieces that are (dis)composed on the wall. Then the stratagems to direct the viewer’s attention on the screen are exploited to generate marvellous effects and transform the visual information fluxes in abstract sequences. [via] Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:27
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Slowscan Soundwave (III)


Sonic Presences

The sound has always been ‘immaterial’ (well before the digital data), and it has always fascinated our perceptive apparati, because of its fleeting ‘presence’. The sonic presence, in fact, organically is revealed through the eardrum vibrations and in the consequent electric signals sent to our brain. This is a common theme the sonic artists love to play with, till its essence, that is the remaining senses’ perception of the sounds around us. Slowscan Soundwave (III) by Douglas Irving Repetto is an installation made with long semi-transparent polyester (mylar) strips that moves accordingly to the environment sounds, through a system made out of motors, strings and pulleys. These strips are illuminated by soft lights and so they generates shadows and reflections, moving unanimously, emulating a complex system moved by frequencies. The ethereal transparency and the strips’ vibrations in waves materialize the abstract representation made by sinewaves in audio software. The atavic processes of the sounds’ transmission through the air are reproduced with analogic mechanic tools, after being made public through the digital interfaces. [via] [Related] Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:22
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SOUNDplay Festival & AGM06


International Call for submissions

New Adventures in Sound Art and AGM 06 is currently accepting submissions for inclusion in both the 2006 SOUNDplay festival and AGM 06 (October 2006) that will feature video/sound art works that place equal artistic importance on image and sound and emphasizes non-narrative elements and abstraction. Both emerging and established artists will be featured in the festivals. We encourage artists to submit works that are less than 20 minutes in length.

SOUNDplay, produced by New Adventures in Sound Art, is a meeting point for experimentation in new media and sound art, encouraging new fusions of image, sound & text. New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included in its Toronto productions are: Deep Wireless, Sound Travels, Sign Waves and SOUNDplay. Continue reading

Nov 23, 10:12
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What is code?


A conversation with Deleuze, Guattari and code

What is code? A conversation with Deleuze, Guattari and code by David M. Berry & Jo Pawlik.


The two of us wrote this article together. Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd. We have made use of everything that came within range, what was closest as well as farthest away. We have been aided, inspired multiplied [1].

JP: Code is described as many things: it is a cultural logic, a machinic operation or a process that is unfolding. It is becoming, today’s hegemonic metaphor; inspiring quasi-semiotic investigations within cultural and artistic practice (e.g. The Matrix). No-one leaves before it has set its mark on them… Continue reading

Nov 23, 09:30
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European Media Art Festival


Smart Art

The European Media Art Festival is one of the most important current media art forums world-wide. For the 19th time, the festival will present a comprehensive overview spanning the whole range of this young genre of art.

Under the motto Smart Art, we will present works that question social conventions, take familiar things out of their context and subtly track down the absurdities of individual and social everyday life. The approaches range from popular subjects to provocative statements that go down new paths of artistic debate in film, installation and expanded media, making playful and intelligent use of various media.

With their critical, cheeky and smart works, both young talented artists and recognised masters of their field present new positions in contemporary media art in Osnabrück. Continue reading

Nov 22, 11:50
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1 3-D activist aesthetics agency algorithmic animation app architecture archive ARG art + science artificial asynchronous audio audio/visual augmented/mixed reality avatar bioart biopolitics biotechnology body calls + opps censorship chance cinema city code collaboration collective community conference convergence conversation copyright culture cyberreality dance data distributed DIY DJ/VJ e-literature ecology education emergence environment event exhibition fabbing festival film forking free/libre software games generative gesture gift economy glitch global/ization hacktivism history hybrid hypermedia identity im/material image immersive installation interactive interdisciplinary interface intermedia intervention interview labor language lecture light live live cinema livestage locative media machinima mapping mashup media mobile motion tracking multimedia music narrative nature net art networked new media news nonlinear object open source p2p participatory perception performance physical place place-specific platform play political presence public public/private pyschogeography radio reblog recycle reenactment relational remix research responsive robotic second life semantic web simulation site-specific social social choreography social networks software sound space streaming surveillance synesthesia synthetic systems tactical tag tangible technology telematic text theater theory tool touch transdisciplinary tv ubiquitous unconference upgrade! urban video virtual visualization voice wearable web 2.0 webcam webcast wireless workshop writings



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