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The word ?asemic? means ?having no semantic content?. Illegible writing or pretend writing could be described as asemic. When we can?t read something which appears to be writing, other possibilities occur. Perhaps we can see a picture instead. Sometimes we can ?read? the emotional state of the person who made the asemic writing. Or we can decide that it looks Chinese, or Hebrew, or Indian, or like alien writing.

People from all parts of the world produce asemic writing. They range from poets to calligraphers to visual artists to children to doodlers. Asemic magazine is the only publication specifically devoted to this area. Back issues can be downloaded free. Issue 1 Issue 2 [PDF] [blogged by Wilfried Hou Je Bekon at]

Jul 26, 07:50
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Emotive Virtual Actors


Man looks at audience for 2 secs…

Emotive Virtual Actors by Ken Perlin:

INSTRUCTIONS: Using the mouse: Drag hands and feet with the left mouse button to move arms and legs + Drag with the right mouse button to change the view + Click/drag on any button, menu or slider + With “walk” enabled, click on destination to walk there + Click on “F1” or “F2” to select an actor.

THINGS TO TRY: Pull the hand away from the body to see torso compliance + Try lifting up a foot and watch him shift his weight. Then try putting the foot down again + Click on the “object” option, and watch how he holds an object as you drag his two hands around. You might want to turn on the “closeup” option to see this better…

Jul 26, 07:44
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The Pattern You See in our Art Comes from [the Real] You

DNA11 creates unique DNA portraits through an extraordinary combination of science and art. The process begins with the DNA being collected using a patented, non-invasive technique: depositing your saliva into a tube. This sample is then sent to our highly secure, certified laboratory, where the DNA is extracted to create a unique genetic fingerprint, using a technique that takes advantage of the variation that occurs among the DNA sequence of every individual.

The end result is a group of different sized pieces of DNA (unique per individual), which we “run” on a gel, such that each strand of different sized DNA is separate…The DNA is then stained with a fluorescent dye and illuminated by UV light, which then glows, giving off a fluorescent signal.
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Jul 26, 07:30
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Virtual Brownies

You wake up in the morning and sit at your breakfast table. There comes a can of Earl Grey, magically sliding towards you. But, who’s suggesting to have a cup of tea? A group of students at Tokyo Institute of Technology created an installation called “Kobito: Virtual Brownies,” which allows us to see and feel who it is: kobitos (dwarves).

The system was developed using Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Haptic Feedback technologies. The dwarves appear in a movable display device called Kobito Window (see below) that blends video images and virtual 3D avatars of dwarves. Kobito Window is like a magic lens through which people can view the world differently from the way our naked eyes can see: the device recognizes its orientation using a rotary encoder and displays 3D avatars based on a current view angle. Moreover, you can feel the dwarves through haptic feedback. If you hold the tea can, you can feel the force of the dwarves. If you push the can against the dwarves, they will react to it.
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Jul 26, 07:15
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The Underbelt


The Stay Slim “Tug”

The Underbelt–by Cristina Bilsland–is a piece of underwear. This self-operated constricting device provides a physical reminder of satiety whenever required. As soon as a button is pressed, the belt pulls itself inwards, giving the wearer a brief “tug” around the waist to give the body a physical reminder of satiety. It then releases to a comfortable fitted position. This piece challenges our awareness of guilt towards gluttony through physical constriction. Science has proven that tightness around the waist plays a major role in our behaviour towards food consumption. Ironically, clothing manufacturers continue to silently and gradually increase actual fitting dimensions whilst continuing to use existing size labels. This piece raises the question whether we are subliminally buying into this self-delusion. It also aims to question how far we are prepared to go in our indulgent quick-fix culture. [for entire “Fat” post see we-make-money-not]

Jul 26, 07:05
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Drawn to Perform

Drawn–by Zachary Lieberman and Pardon Kimura–is a concert-performance in which live painting is augmented in real time, the painted forms appear to come to life. The performance explores the musicality of drawing by turning brushstrokes of ink into complex and energetic life forms.

A table on stage holds the paper, ink and brushes. A camera above the table captures the drawing and the image is then projected for the audience to observe. However, the projected image is not entirely unadulterated – a software analyses the video image and augments the image with synthetic graphics. The result is a hybrid video signal, combining both factual and fictional pixels. The hand-drawn gestures appear to have a mind of their own: they can be played with as though they weren?t actually painted on paper, and the user can push them around the page using only his hands.

One of the main concerns of the developers was to create a visual “instrument” that could be used in collaboration together with musicians. In this nuanced relationship between animated drawing and sound, the sketches, doodles, and gestures mix together with the sonic environment in order to create a dense and lively musical form. The videos on the website are really impressive. [blogged by Regine on we-make-money-not]

Jul 26, 07:00
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History of Networked Art:


People, Places, Events, Technologies and Theories

History of Networked Art: People, Places, Events, Technologies and Theories–a conference curated by Tommaso Tozzi and Alessandro Ludovico; Friday, July 29, 2005; 9.30am – 1.30pm / 3pm – 7pm; Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) Via Roma 1 – Carrara (Tuscany, Italy) tel. +39 0585 71658.

In the networked art the artwork’s boundaries dissolve in the intertwined relationships between subjects, objects, strategies and theories. This process not only modifies artistic, political and commercial models, but it transforms the culture, the languages and the logic behind the theories of the interconnected society. Inter-disciplinarity, indetermination, transformation, decentralization and interaction, are among the key concepts of the sixties. But they are also the background of the artists that have used the telematic networks to plan new worlds or to critique the existing ones. The conference ‘History of the Net Arts’ has the purpose to gather some important experiences about some of the most active subjects, their actions and external collaboration with institutions, groups and movements, the technologies they used and, even more importantly, their theorical, social and cultural goals.
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Jul 25, 18:07
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Fragmented Places and Open Societies


Space as the Material Basis of Time-Sharing

“Human life unfolds simultaneously in three environments, biological, built, and informational. Analytically, they can be distinguished, but in practice they are inseparable. The way we construct our houses reflects as much our bodily as our cultural determination. The relationship among these environments, however, is unstable. They mirror and penetrate each other in historically specific ways. Much of the turmoil of our present period can be understood in terms of a realignment of these three environments, driven by a profound expansion of our cultural capacities as information technology is expanding into an all-connecting internet. In the following, I will to look at how physical space is affected by this process and the challenges this poses to the future of society as an open political system.” From Fragmented Places and Open Societies by Felix Stalder, NOEMA. [This essay was written for the catalogue of the exhibition ?Open Nature?, ICC Tokio, April 29 – July 3, 2005]

Jul 25, 15:58
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Haptic Spaces


The Philosophical and Psychological Relation Between Touch and Space

Touch and digital performance: This examines the expressive possibility of digital media performances that involve technologies of touch. This analysis includes examples of artworks divided into three separate ‘moments’ – the ‘skin’ and the discourse of surface; the ‘flesh’ and the notion of technological extension and prosthesis; and the ‘body’ and its motility, the way interactive touch is performed both on stage and online.

In digital performance some interesting developments have occurred whereby the body becomes displaced, and the senses distorted. This refashioning of the body in digital space has implications for theories of embodiment and of body morphology. Some digital performances positively engage in Luce Irigaray’s (1993) discourse of fluidity in its evocation of the virtual environment, even the way the body navigates and moves around the virtual world, not by mastering space but by being penetrated by it.” Continue reading >>. From Haptic Spaces by Mark Paterson.

Jul 25, 12:10
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Cancer Cell Cam


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1 3-D activist aesthetics agency algorithmic animation app architecture archive ARG art + science artificial asynchronous audio audio/visual augmented/mixed reality avatar bioart biopolitics biotechnology body calls + opps censorship chance cinema city code collaboration collective community conference convergence conversation copyright culture cyberreality dance data distributed DIY DJ/VJ e-literature ecology education emergence environment event exhibition fabbing festival film forking free/libre software games generative gesture gift economy glitch global/ization hacktivism history hybrid hypermedia identity im/material image immersive installation interactive interdisciplinary interface intermedia intervention interview labor language lecture light live live cinema livestage locative media machinima mapping mashup media mobile motion tracking multimedia music narrative nature net art networked new media news nonlinear object open source p2p participatory perception performance physical place place-specific platform play political presence public public/private pyschogeography radio reblog recycle reenactment relational remix research responsive robotic second life semantic web simulation site-specific social social choreography social networks software sound space streaming surveillance synesthesia synthetic systems tactical tag tangible technology telematic text theater theory tool touch transdisciplinary tv ubiquitous unconference upgrade! urban video virtual visualization voice wearable web 2.0 webcam webcast wireless workshop writings



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