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The Artists

Noah Wardrip-Fruin has recently co-edited two books: The New Media Reader (2003) and First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game (2004). His artwork has been presented by the Whitney and Guggenheim museums. He blogs at Grand Text Auto.

David Durand is Director of Electronic Publishing Services at Ingenta plc and Adjunct Associate Professor at Brown's Department of Computer Science. He is co-author of Making Hypermedia Work. He participated in the XML, TEI, HyTime, XLink and WebDAV standards efforts.

Brion Moss, being an engineer by training and vocation, first entered the art world through his participation in the conceptualization and creation of The Impermanence Agent. He is currently employed as a computer geek by IGN/Gamespy.

Elaine Froehlich is principal of Active Surface Design and Director of the Computer Based Design Program for Continuing Education at the Rhode Island School of Design. Past projects include interaction design for Mesa Vista and book design for the Encyclopedia Africana.