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Get Flash Plug-in
RADIO STARE was created using SHOCKWAVE FLASH , a vector-based animation package from Macromedia that lets you create animations that use much less bandwidth than possible with most other current web technologies.

To view it, you'll need the most recent plugin (2+) for Netscape or Internet Explorer. (An animated GIF has been provided for people who can't use Flash, but really, it's not the same.)
You will also need a MIDI music playback plug-in. While there are several choices available, Radio Stare was tested with the CRESCENDO MIDI plug-in. Get Crescendo Plug-in
Get RealAudio Plug-in To receive the scanner feeds you will need a current REALAUDIO streaming audio player from Progressive Networks.
The live radio scanner feeds are used with the kind permission of AUDIONET , who specialize in web broadcasting using RealAudio. To AudioNet

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