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Downloading Z-Machine Games for Play

To play any of the all-text Mystery House games with a ".z5" or "z8" file extension, you will need a Z-Machine interpreter -- basically, a "player" for files in the Z-Machine format. Installing one is slightly more involved than is visiting a Web page, but well worth it. It makes playing IF easy (even when you're not on the network) and allows you to save and restore games.

On Windows, we recommend you download Windows Frotz 2000.

On a Mac, Zoom is an excellent choice for OS X users. There are interpreters that run on System 9, too, including Zip.

On Linux, there's Frotz (binary RPM). This interpreter is easily installed on Debian-based systems, too; the package name is "frotz" and it's in the stable distribution.

Playing Z-Machine Games Online

Thanks to ZPlet, it's possible to run a Z-Machine interpreter in a Web browser, and play .z5 and .z8 games online. If ZPlet doesn't work on your system, you can check to make sure your Java browser plugin is working. ZPlet does work on a wide variety of systems, but if it doesn't work for you, the best thing to do may be to simply install a Z-Machine interpreter and play offline.

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