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mobotag reveals the hidden layers of a city through an active exchange of location based media and text messages via the cellphone. It's collaborative phone tagging of the city. Part virtual graffiti, part walking tour, mobotag creates a spontaneous and easy way for tagging a neighborhood via the cellphone. Send and view messages, images, videos and sounds. See art, read stories, and watch a hidden layer of the city reveal itself. Respond with your media and participate in the creative expression and mapping of your neighborhood.
By sending a text message to mobotag, with your city location, you begin a interactive tour of a neighborhood. Using a unique geocoding feature, mobotag tells you what other messages exist in your local area.

mobotag was developed by Marta Lwin while attending ITP at New York University. Originally inspired by the notion of virtual tags placed around NYC for a personal project, Marta Lwin developed the mobotag platform. Quickly realizing mobotag could be used by everyone, she decided to make mobotag an public project. Noah Shibley joined mobotag in Fall 2005, and has contributed many hours of back-end programming. mobotag is currently developing new art projects which will launch this year.


To see other work by Marta Lwin visit

To see other work by Noah Shibley visit

Special thanks to Dennis Crowley from
Thanks to friends Chris Sung, Sean U. Kelly, Shawn Van Every and everyone else who's made suggestions, fixed bugs, and spread the word.
mobotag is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site. It is supported by the Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial and in recognition of the valuable contributions of artists to society.
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